Producing the Stevee & Tia Show

Welcome to the Stevee & Tia show!

I’m going to be the producer for a show that a couple of classmates and I are making for our Media Project.

We’ll be releasing a new show in a podcast form every week, and we’ve got several ways you can see what we’re up to…

The Facebook page:
Our SoundCloud account:

See below for more details…

Stevee & Tia

The style of the show is not unlike a typical metropolitan FM breakfast or drive show, with short and sharp segments on funny and engaging topics, as well as our own spins and stories from our personal lives. We have a total of 7 segments per show, each of which are around 3 minutes in duration. We aim to be entertaining, as well as informative. We chose to challenge ourselves with this project so that we become familiar with meeting deadlines in the fast paced media industry.

At this point we are making weekly shows. This allows us to have a “week in review” type format, chatting about things that happened throughout the week rather than strictly focusing on topics that happen the day of recording.

We record the show over the period of 1 hour, inclusive of advertisements and songs so as to mock a real radio show. The ads and songs are then edited out, and the leftover content is posted as a half hour podcast on our SoundCloud account. I then put together a series of teasers which are posted on our Facebook page throughout the week along with a link to the full show, hoping they’ll be drawn in.

Stephen is our show anchor and panel operator, Tia is our co-host, while I am the producer. My role entails coming up with segment ideas, writing up segment briefs, seeking audio grabs, putting together the running order, editing the final recording, creating and uploading teasers, and monitoring our online platforms.

We have a simple approach when it comes to our target audience – if we don’t give a shit, our audience won’t give a shit. We are targeting an audience of people our age, but we also aim to speak about topics which are broadly entertaining and appeal to people of all ages.

I’m really pumped for this and I hope everyone enjoys!


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