For over 1 year, I worked as a producer, editor and presenter for youth media property, Amplify.

During that time, I produced and edited web content including interviews, text-driven news videos, Podcasts and articles.

Here’s some examples of interviews I conducted and edited:


I also created original videos for Amplify’s YouTube channel. Here are a couple of my favs:


Prior to commencing my role as a producer, I presented the #AmplifyNOW gossip segments. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video I made, along with a sample of a segment i’ve presented:


In response to a statistic that 80% of videos on Facebook are consumed without audio, I began creating text-driven videos, rather than presenting on-camera. See here:


During my time at Amplify, I utilised the audio production skills that I attained through my radio studies at Sydney TAFE to develop and launch the Amplify Podcast from scratch. Over a total of 40 episodes, we spoke to various social media influencers that appealed to Amplify’s young demographic & explored a wide range of issues – such as sexuality and gender. I was the producer, editor and host.

Here is the special edition Podcast I produced on the topic of mental health:


I also regularly contributed articles to Amplify’s website.  Click here to read a piece I wrote, titled Why Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Is Not ‘Cute’ Or ‘Quirky’.


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